Hydrant Meter Rental Policy

Hydrant Meter Rental Policy is as follows:

  • $3,000 Deposit - refunded after meter is returned with no damages. If meter is damaged, customer shall forfeit deposit.
  • Meter rental shall be billed at $50 minimum per month. The first 5,000 gallons of usage each month will be covered by the $50 Minimum Monthly Fee. Any usage after the first 5,000 gallons shall be billed at the Commercial Rate.
  • Customer is responsible for coordinating with Department of Utilities representative at the end of every month for reporting usage.
  • If meter rental is needed longer than 12 months, customer is to renew rental agreement or forfeit deposit.
  • If meter rental is renewed after 12 months with a new agreement, no additional deposit will be required.

Learn more by reviewing Ordinance 21-57 (PDF).