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Hydrant Meter Rental Policy

Hydrant Meter Rental Policy is as follows:

  1. $1,000 Deposit – refunded after meter is returned with no damages. If meter is damaged, customer shall be responsible to pay for replacement parts. The charge for the replacement parts shall be taken out of the deposit.
  2. $50.00 Minimum per month. Customer is responsible for calling in usage to the Department of Utilities at the end of every month. The first 5,000 gallons of usage each month will be covered by the $50.00 minimum monthly fee. Any usage after the first 5,000 gallons shall be billed at the commercial rate of $6.612 per thousand gallons.
  3. Customer may rent meter for up to 12 months without forfeiting deposit.
  4. If meter rental is needed longer than 12 months, customer is to renew rental agreement or forfeit $1,000 deposit.
  5. If meter rental is renewed after 12 months, customer with a new agreement, no additional deposit will be required.