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Public Notice: Ordinance #19-37: Regulation of Truck Traffic

Traffic through the City of Portland has increased greatly and in an attempt to provide safer roadways, on May 6, 2019 the Portland City Council adopted Ordinance #19-37, to amend Municipal Code Title 15, Chapter 1, by adding a new Section 126, to read:

  • As used in this section, the term “truck” shall mean any vehicle equipped with three (3) or more axles.
  • Unless otherwise posted, it shall be unlawful for any truck fitting this description to operate in the left-hand lane, on roads, streets or highways with two (2) lanes allowing for movement in the same direction, except when the truck is actually preparing for a left turn or avoiding a hazardous condition.
  • The City may designate specific roads and lanes that either prohibit or allow trucks. Where truck usage has been so designated and indicated as such by proper signage, it shall be unlawful for any truck to operate in any lanes or on any roads or streets other than as designated.
  • Any person driving, or in charge, or in control of a truck as defined in the preceding section when upon roads, streets or lanes other than those designated as truck routes or allowed in this code, shall be prepared to present for inspection by police officers the log book, weight slips, delivery slips, or other written evidence of the destination and point of origin to justify the presence of the restricted vehicle on a street other than a designated truck route or lane.
  • All trucks must obey the height, width, length and weight restrictions for all areas within the City.
  • If any designated truck route, or portion thereof, shall be under repair or otherwise temporarily out of use, restricted vehicles shall use other temporary truck routes as may be designated by the City.

We are providing advance notice as a courtesy in the event you wish to distribute the information to the trucking companies and/or independent truckers who serve your facility and travel through the City of Portland.

Road signs will be erected to reflect this change.  Full enforcement will begin September 1, 2019.


Mike Callis,