How to use the new

Welcome to the new improved website. Now, let’s explain how the new website works.

At the top you will find the main menu on each page.

From here you can navigate to any place on the website, it’s broken into five sections: Home, Business, Departments, Residents, and Utilities.

The homepage is designed to provide the most important information quickly without having to search for it. Also on the homepage you will find a google map and search feature to quickly and easily find information throughout the website. The homepage is also where notifications will appear along with severe weather alerts and a showcase for any events or news about the city.

Other pages are designed to work together.

  • On the left side of a subpage you will find a navigation menu for the heading you selected.
  • On the middle of a subpage you will find information about what you selected.
  • On the right side of a subpage you will find downloads, applications, and documents concerning the heading you selected.

Technology and the internet is constantly evolving, the new website allows for ADA compliance for persons with disabilities and allows translation to other languages. The new website works best with the most recent updates with your internet browser and may not work well with outdated browsers. We have searched for broken codes and errors however you may run across a few issues in the beginning, if you do please let us know so those can be fixed. Our goal is to make the new website more user friendly and informative for all users on all devices, so this website is mobile friendly as well for smart phones and devices.


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