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  • Engine 11 is a 2012 E-One pumper.  It has a 1500 gpm pump and hold 750 gallons of water with a 30 gallon foam cell.  The body style is almost identical to Engine 9.  Engine 11 has bigger and deeper compartments to carry the main set of extrication tools and be first out for auto accidents.  This will relieve Rescue 7 of it duties. Engine 11 is first out for structure fires.

  • Truck 10 is a 2005 Dodge Ram crew cab.  It is our first out for medical calls.  It carries equipment for the First Responders to practice at a BLS level.  Truck 10 also pulls the Mobile Air Unit to calls within Portland and the surrounding areas when needed.

  • Brush 7 is a 1986 GMC 4×4 with a 250 gpm PTO pump and 250 gallon water tank.  Brush 7 responds to all grass fires.  It is also designated as the second out unit for medical calls.

  • Engine 9 is a 2001 E-One pumper.  It has a 1250 gpm pump, 970 gallon water tank, and a 30 gallon foam tank.  Engine 9 is second or third out to structure fires and fire alarms.  Engine 9 also carries our second set of extrication rescue tools.  If we respond to a structure outside the city, Engine 9 will respond first because of it larger water capacity for the nonhydrant areas.  Engine 9 is dedicated to Paul Keen for 37 years of service with PFD.

  • Engine 8 is a 1992 E-One Telesquirt.  It has a 50′ elevated master stream with a 1000 gpm nozzle.  Engine 8 has a 1250 gpm pump and a 500 gallon water tank.  Engine 8 is second or third out for structure fires and fire alarms.  Engine 8 is dedicated to two former chiefs of PFD.

  • Engine 6 is a 1986 GMC E-One pumper.  It has a 1000 gpm pump and carries 750 gallons of water.  Engine 6 is third or fourth out for structure fires and usually will pump water from the fire hydrant to the main engine on the scene or supply the ladder truck.

  • Mobile Air Trailer is used to refill air bottles for the self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).  The air unit will respond to any major fire or hazmat scene in the surrounding area when called by those departments.  The trailer has 9 large air cylinders that can fill about 50 SCBA’s and carries an additional 24 air bottles.

  • Engine 5 is a 1976 Ford American LaFrance.  It has a 1250 gpm pump with a 750 gallon tank.  It usually responds as second out for brush fires.  It also serves as a reserve engine in case any of the frontline engines go out of service.

  • 1937 Ford Pumper (retired).  It can be viewed at the Day’s Gone By Museum on Davis St behind the fire station.