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The Sumner County Emergency Communications Center (ECC Dispatch)  is the primary answering point for all 9-1-1 emergency calls in Sumner County and is responsible for the dispatching of police, fire, and EMS field resources.

The Portland Fire Department is a combination fire department.  The department operates with a full time Chief, Al West and 3 shifts (A, B, C) staffed with 2 firefighters per shift. The department is also supported by 17 volunteer firefighters who are paid per call. Each shift works for 24 hours (7a to 7a) and are off for 48 hours but are subject to callback. The department responds to any need for assistance inside the city limits, whether it be a fire, accident with injuries, alarm, medical need, rescue, or hazmat. PFD will also respond outside our city limits for mutual aid when called upon from neighboring departments.

For the full time firefighters, the station serves as their 2nd home for 24 hours at a time.  They eat, sleep, exercise, train, and are ready to drop anything at a moments notice to respond on calls for assistance

MISSION STATEMENT: Dedicated to protecting the lives and property of those who live in and visit Portland, Tennessee through continuous training, education and fire prevention.