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Information Sheets

Opening a Business in Portland

A simple step by step guide explaining the procedures on how to open or start a business in Portland.

Residential Accessory Structures

The residential accessory structure guidelines outline the size, location and permitting procedure regarding the construction of residential accessory structures such as, garages, barns, sheds etc.

Fences, Walls and Hedges

The residential fence, wall, and hedge guidelines outline the Zoning Ordinance Requirements, building materials, location, height, and maintenance of fences. There is no building permit required for the construction of fences.

Landscaping Requirements for Single Family and Duplex Buildings

The single family and duplex landscaping guidelines, outline the landscaping requirements for new construction of single family homes and duplexes.

Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, and Hot Tubs

The swimming pools, wading pool, and hot tub guidelines outline the Zoning Ordinance requirements regarding the construction of pools as well as the permitting procedure associated with installation.