Author: City of Portland, TN

Request For Quotation: Retail Development Services

The City of Portland will accept quotations for retail development services until 10 AM on Tuesday, February 19, 2019.

Please label plainly “RFQ for Retail Development Services” on the lower left corner of the envelope/package and submit to:


Mayor Mike Callis

Portland City Hall

100 South Russell Street

Portland, TN 37148

615/325-6776 ext. 242

Request for Proposals: Auction Services

Sealed proposals for AUCTION SERVICES for the City of Portland, Tennessee will be received by the Purchasing Office at Portland City Hall, 100 South Russell Street, Portland, Tennessee, 37148 UNTIL 2 PM, January 23, 2019.

Any questions regarding this Request for Proposal should be directed to Mayor Mike Callis, at 615/325-6776 or emailed to:

All interested firms are invited to submit a proposal in accordance with the terms and conditions stated in this Request for Proposal.

Mayor Mike Callis

New Policy for Sanitation Customers

All items included are in Title 17 Policy for Sanitation Service Ord. # 18-19 (April 2, 2018)

  • Trash cart handle should be on the house side and cart opening should be closest to the road. See example image below.

  • Place trash cart 2 feet from the road.
  • Place trash cart at least 4 feet from mailbox or other object.

  • Place trash cart on the opposite side of driveway from your mailbox.

  • Do not place trash cart in ditch.

  • Do not place rocks, concrete, tires or dirt in garbage container. The city does not accept these items. Tires should be returned to tire dealers for disposal.

  • Do not place brush or limbs in trash cart. These items are collected separately and need to be placed by the roadside for pickup. Do not put junk, metal, trash or anything else in the brush pile except brush.

  • Please place trash cart at the street by 6:00 am, regardless of what time your trash is “normally” picked up. Sometimes we use a different driver and you could get missed.

  • City Code requires all garbage to placed inside your city purchased trash cart. Carts must be purchased at cost in the Utility Office at City Hall and delivered after payment.

  • Third-party carts will not be dumped.

  • For items too large for your trash cart, you may call us at 615-323-1437 to schedule a pickup. This pickup is not for dumping your trash a second time nor to pick up extra bags of household garbage which your can would not hold.

Thank you for your help.

City of Portland Sanitation Department