What is a city councilman/woman?

The persons elected as City Councilman/woman shall, before assuming the duties of their respective offices, take an oath or affirmation before the Mayor in office, a Notary Public, the City Recorder, or some Justice of the Peace of Sumner County, Tennessee, that they will support the Constitution of the United States and the State of Tennessee and the charter and ordinances of the City, and to demean themselves in their official capacity faithfully, honestly, and with due regard to the welfare of the City, to the best of their ability. The (Mayor and) Aldermen shall hold their office until their successor shall be elected and installed. The (Mayor and the) members of the City Council are officers of the City, and they, by majority vote, shall appoint the other officers of the City, being the City Recorder, the City Attorney, and the City Judge, whenever there is a vacancy. The affirmative vote of a majority of all the members of the City Council present, except where prescribed, shall be necessary to adopt any ordinance or resolution of the city, and every ordinance or resolution passed by the city council shall be signed by the presiding officer and the City Recorder, and shall be filed with the City Recorder. The City Council shall have the power to call, regulate and provide for all municipal elections, including all elections respecting bond issues; that all elections held under this charter shall be held and supervised by the Election Commissioners of Sumner County, Tennessee, or such other person or persons as may be authorized to hold State and County elections. In any election under this charter all voters who are residents of the city and are qualified under State Law may vote in the city election. That any person convicted of malfeasance in office, a felony, or crime involving moral turpitude shall be prohibited from holding office with the city for a period of ten (10) years thereafter. If (the mayor or) any alderman (AKA council member) shall be convicted of any such offense. The City Council may, by ordinance or resolution not inconsistent with this charter, prescribe the manner in which all powers of the City shall be exercised, provide all means necessary or proper therefore, and do all things needful within or without the City or the State to protect the rights of the City. The City Council shall exercise its powers in session duly assembled, and no member nor group of members shall exercise or attempt to exercise the powers conferred upon the City Council except through proceedings adopted at some regular or special meeting.


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