Land Disturbance Permit

Land Disturbance Permit


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    1. Land Disturbance Permit Instructions

      Land developments that disturb more than 10,000 sq. ft or is deemed necessary by the City is required to have a City of Portland Land Disturbance permit per the City's Storm water ordinance, Title 21

      • Purpose of this form:
        To eliminate any non-allowable discharges to Portland’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) that impact water quality. 

      • Completing the form: 
        Type or print clearly, using ink and not markers or pencil. Click on and select each blank item signifying that you have read these sections and will comply with them. Submitting this Land Disturbance Permit does not exempt you from complying with all aspects of the City of Portland’s Storm water Management Ordinance. This form does not exempt you from obtaining any other state, local or federal required permits.

      • Who must submit a Land Disturbance Permit form?
        Land developments that disturb 10,000 sq. ft. or more are required to have a City of Portland Land Disturbance Permit per the City's Storm water ordinance, Title 21. 

        No site development permit is required for the following activities:
        • Any emergency activity that is immediately necessary for the protection of life, property, or natural resources.
        • Agricultural land management activities (except where the clearing of the land, forest or other agriculture activity, results in activities other than further agriculture or forest use.)
        • Additions or modifications to existing detached single-family dwellings.
    2. Other permits: An Aquatic Resource Alteration Permit (ARAP) may be required. If your work will disturb or cause alterations of a stream or wetland, you must obtain an appropriate ARAP before you will receive a City of Portland Land Disturbance Permit.

      If you have a question about the ARAP program or permits, contact your local Tennessee Department or Environment and Conservation Environmental Assistance Center.If you are disturbing one (1) acre or more you will need a State of Tennessee issued Construction General Permit along with the following documents, prior to obtaining a City of Portland Land Disturbance Permit.

    3. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP):*
    4. Notice of Intent (NOI):*
    5. TDEC Notice of Coverage (NOC):*
    6. Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control Plan:*
    7. Long Term Maintenance Plan:*
    8. Maintenance Agreement Recorded on Property Deed:*