Portland Utilities

Portland Uitilities Dept.

100 S. Russell Street

Portland, TN 37148
Phone: (615) 325-6776                  Fax: (615) 323-7014
Office Hours     Monday – Friday           8:00am – 4:30pm
For emergencies after normal business hours please contact:
Portland Police Department at 615-325-3434
Cost for Services:
1.     The new service non refundable fee for water is $50.00.
2.     The new service non refundable fee for gas is $50.00.
3.     A non refundable transfer fee of $30.00 is charged for water and gas if you are changing from one location to another.
4.     If services are cut off for nonpayment a $30.00 reconnect fee must be collected before services will be restored.   If the reconnection must be done outside of normal business hours than the fee increases to $60.00.
Portland Utilities is unable to initiate new services or to transfer existing services over the phone. You must come in with your driver’s license or states issued ID, your social security card, and sign all necessary documents to start, transfer, or discontinue services.
Billing Cycles:
1.     First cycle is mailed on the 5th of every month and due on the 20th.
2.     Second cycle is mailed on the 10th of every month and due on the 25th.
3.     Third cycle is mailed on the 20th of every month and due on the 5th of the following month.
4.     Fourth cycle is mailed on the 30th of every month and due on the 15th of the following month.
How to check for a water leak:
1.     Turn off all faucets inside and outside of your home.
2.     Record your meter reading.
3.     Wait 2-3 hours without using any water. During this time period that includes not flushing toilets.
4.     Record your meter reading again and compare to the previous reading that you recorded.
5.     If the reading has increased you may have a leak and may need to contact a plumber to repair the leak or you may repair the leak yourself.
6.     If the two recorded readings are the same then you do not have a leak.
Gas Leaks:
If you smell gas in your home do not strike matches or operate electrical switches. Call the utility office as soon as possible and a gas technician will come to your home to check for a leak.
Portland Utilities will give an adjustment due to a water leak once per year. In order to receive the adjustment, receipts for parts and/or labor must be turned in to prove that the leak was repaired. 
The only other type of adjustment Portland Utilities offers is a swimming pool adjustment. This type of adjustment is also given only once per year and in order to receive it you must have city sewer.
Information on locating lines:

If you need lines located on your property please call Tennessee One Call at 1-800-351-1111.